Employment Contracts

L&A lawyers advises on pre-employment screening and draws up employment contracts that include the special clauses required.


Recruitment and selection procedures are also subject to certain rules of law and legal principles, such as pre-employment screening (references and background checks), equal treatment legislation, privacy legislation and the Medical Examinations Act. Our special expertise in this field is apparent from the list of publications on our website.

We advise parties on how to correctly record written agreements and screen employment contracts for compliance with the applicable legislation and regulations. Relevant aspects in that regard are probationary period clauses, non-compete and non-solicitation clauses, protection of intellectual property and confidentiality clauses. But it is also important, for instance, to make sound agreements on remuneration schemes, such as overtime pay, bonus schemes, share option schemes, golden parachutes, car expense schemes and holiday and leave schemes. We assist companies with their HRM processes in order to optimally safeguard the employer’s position. Employees may of course also contact us for advice on or assistance in contract negotiations.