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News on the Work and Security Act

05/03 2015

Employers are concerned about the consequences of the Work and Security Act and the associated costs involved on dismissal. Sick employees are also entitled to transition compensation when dismissed after 2 years of sickness. Employers are aware of this but have not yet calculated the effects thereof. Meanwhile the House of Representatives has this week agreed with the measures proposed by Minister Asscher to satisfy the employers' objections that there is no transitional law for transition compensation. Read more...

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L&A advocaten in the media

01/12 2014

Fons Hendriks of RTV NH [radio and television North Holland] visits the nicest neighbourhoods in North Holland for the programme NH Buurten. NH Buurten was in Lijnden in November 2014 when it shot video footage at L&A advocaten. Bernadine van der Wulp showed the television crew around the offices of L&A advocaten. The footage includes a short interview with Arlette Putker-Blees

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Public servants to become employees

23/10 2014

If also the Upper House passes the legislative proposal regarding the Wet normalisering rechtspositie ambtenaren (Act on the Standardisation of the Legal Status of Public Servants), the equality of status of public servants and employees will be final. The Act is expected to enter into force on 2 January 2017. If you are a public sector employer, the following is relevant to your organisation.

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The Executives’ Pay (Standards) Act – a recap

01/09 2014

The Executives’ Pay (Standards) Act is extremely relevant to managing directors and supervisory directors working in the public or semi-public sector, such as healthcare, education, the arts (including museums), housing corporations and healthcare insurers. We have found that the Executives’ Pay (Standards) Act is giving rise to a great many questions. More information can be found in the summary and practical tips under “Current Affairs” on this website.

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