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Termination employment contract after two years sickness.

28/05 2009
Category Case law

​Arlette Putker acted for an orchestra. Application made to terminate employment contract after two years of sickness. Comparable review as in the 681 proceedings. No compensation despite 27 years of service.

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Good employment practice in public service law.

01/05 2009
Category Publications

Good public service practice is a familiar term in many legal status regulations. Good employment practices has only been enshrined in the Central and Local Government Personnel Act since 2006. In this article Hanneke Klinckhamers examines what ‘good employment practices’ means with regard to the legal position of the public servant and his government employer.

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Source Tijdschrift voor Ambtenarenrecht 2009/5

Privacy legislation, vague and ‘turbid’ instead of transparent.

01/12 2008
Category Publications

​In an employment relationship personal data is regularly processed. Employer and employee are then, among other things, confronted with the Personal Data Protection Act and the guidelines drawn up by the Dutch Data Protection Authority. The evaluation of the Personal Data Protection Act revealed many bottlenecks. The authors advocate the introduction of a specific legal regulation for privacy and employment law.

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