Protection of privacy is not always an alibi for employee’s misconduct.

23/10 2010
Category Publications

Investigation by an employer because of suspected misconduct on the part of the employee invariably leads to discussions on breach of privacy. If an employer suspects an employee of misconduct, the employer is entitled to perform an investigation and sometimes the proof is only ‘made tangible’ by engaging an investigation agency. Relying on the protection of privacy provides no alibi if there is manifest misconduct.​

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Investigation into possible misconduct of employee: scope and limits

01/10 2010
Category Publications

Employers are entitled to engage a detective or an external investigation agency on suspected misconduct of employees. This article highlights the legal scope of such investigation and provides a checklist for employers.

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Termination employment contract after two years sickness.

28/05 2009
Category Case law

​Arlette Putker acted for an orchestra. Application made to terminate employment contract after two years of sickness. Comparable review as in the 681 proceedings. No compensation despite 27 years of service.

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How attractive is the Disability (Rehabilitation) Act?

01/03 1999
Author Hanneke Klinckhamers
Category Publications

​The purpose of this act is to encourage the rehabilitation and employment of persons who, because of health reasons, have encountered difficulties in finding or keeping jobs. The Disability (Rehabilitation) Act has been abolished but the provisions of this act have been included in the Work and Income (Capacity for Work) Act.

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Source ArbeidsRecht 1999/17
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