Exploration WNT 3 and other news.

13/07 2015

The Executives’ Pay Standards Act (WNT) is an example of dynamic legislation. After the WNT 1, followed by the Act amending WNT, Act to remedy deficiencies in WNT, and WNT 2, a WNT 3 is in the process of being drafted whereby the standards for incomes will have to apply to all employees in the public and semi-public sector as of 1 January 2017. Furthermore, the latest developments under the WNT2 are summarized in this article.
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The Executives’ Pay (Standards) Act – a recap

01/09 2014

The Executives’ Pay (Standards) Act is extremely relevant to managing directors and supervisory directors working in the public or semi-public sector, such as healthcare, education, the arts (including museums), housing corporations and healthcare insurers. We have found that the Executives’ Pay (Standards) Act is giving rise to a great many questions. More information can be found in the summary and practical tips under “Current Affairs” on this website.

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News about the Work and Security Act

11/06 2014

The legislative proposal regarding the Wet werk en zekerheid (Work and Security Act) was adopted by the Upper House of the Dutch parliament on 10 June 2014. That major and much-discussed review of dismissal law has thereby been enacted. The new dismissal law rules will enter into force on 1 July 2015. The amendments to the Wet flexibiliteit en zekerheid (Flexibility and Security Act) will enter into force on 1 January 2015, rather than on the previously announced date of 1 July 2014. A summary of the main changes is presented below.

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Sideline activities

12/12 2013
Category Case law

Arlette Putker acted for an organization involved in research, innovation and training oriented to developing, raising and treating children and youths. A member of the management team failed to inform the employer of the large-scale sideline activities being carried out during working hours. Termination for urgent cause.

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Change of position / demotion

22/02 2012
Category Case law

Arlette Putker acted for an orchestra. Job change / demotion.
The claim instituted by the employee to be reinstated in his leading position in the orchestra is dismissed. The employer is entitled to demote the employee under the circumstances of the case (case of inadequate performance).

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Protection of privacy is not always an alibi for employee’s misconduct.

23/10 2010
Category Publications

Investigation by an employer because of suspected misconduct on the part of the employee invariably leads to discussions on breach of privacy. If an employer suspects an employee of misconduct, the employer is entitled to perform an investigation and sometimes the proof is only ‘made tangible’ by engaging an investigation agency. Relying on the protection of privacy provides no alibi if there is manifest misconduct.​

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