Inge Slangen

Lawyer - Mediator - Partner

Inge has extensive experience in a broad range of employment law matters. Inge provides advice and mediation. She litigates in case a settlement is not reached. Her focus areas within employment law are illness and labour incapacity, restructurings, and individual dismissals.

Inge Slangen studied Dutch Law at the University of Maastricht. She was admitted to the bar in 2000 and has completed the full-time postgraduate course employment law at Grotius Academie.

Inge worked as a lawyer at firms such as BoelsZanders Advocaten, Halsten Advocaten and CLINT|Littler. At the time Inge managed her own law firm, she had various interim assignments, e.g. for ABAB Accountants and Consultants, the Association for Doctor and Car (VVAA) and the National Association of Employed Doctors (LAD).

Inge works for both international and Dutch companies, in the profit- as well as the non-profit sector. She also provides assistance to employees. Inge also facilitates in-house training courses.

Besides being a lawyer, Inge is a MfN-registermediator. With a solution-oriented approach, she mediates particularly in conflicts at the workplace and in case of conflict during the re-integration process (related to illness). Inge is an experienced mediator in reviving communication between parties, so parties will be able to make (work)agreements in constructive consultation, or that the employment relationship comes to an end in good consultation.

Inge is creative, a decisive negotiator, a valuable sparring partner, has strong strategic abilities, is solution-oriented and is able to pose questions which bring her to the heart of the matter quickly.

Inge is a member of several specialty associations, such as the Dutch Employment Lawyers Association (VAAN), the Amsterdam Employment Lawyers Association (VAAA) and the Gooische Employment Lawyers Association (GVAA). Furthermore, she is a voluntary mediator at Versa Welzijn.