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Marize Verhagen

Legal advisor

Marize Verhagen is working as a legal advisor at L&A lawyers.

Marize obtained her master’s degree in Criminal Law and Corporate, Social-Economic Law at Utrecht University. During her master studies she gained employment law related work experience as a student-intern at various law firms. In addition, she was a board member of the Rechtswinkel and study association for Criminal law Ad Informandum. After graduation, she worked as a paralegal and Professional Support Lawyer at various Zuidas offices.

Marize has joined L&A lawyers since April 2020 and is engaged in several legal activities. For example, she offers legal support for files, writes blog/news items and is involved in setting up and giving legal courses.

In addition to her work at L&A lawyers, Marize works as an employment law lecturer/PhD candidate at Utrecht University and she is also editorial secretary of the magazine called Tijdschrift Recht en Arbeid. Her PhD research concerns the collective protection of employees’ interests and the deviation from statutory provisions in peius in collective bargaining agreements.