Core Business

L&A lawyers focuses exclusively on employment law and public service law. All the lawyers have expert knowledge of and a wealth of experience in all aspects of employment law.

L&A’s lawyers furthermore have one or more specific specialist areas.

Core Business


L&A lawyers mainly advises employers, managing directors, employees in the higher sector and works councils. Our business-like and flexible approach gives rise to practical, custom-made solutions. L&A has a wide network of niche firms in and outside the employment law sector, also in the fields of pension law, tax law and corporate law. Our clients choose L&A for its expertise, practical approach and wide network.



Although we prefer speedy and practical solutions, litigation naturally also forms an important part of our practice.

L&A’s lawyers have very broad litigation experience, both in the first instance and on appeal.


The team

L&A’s team of lawyers currently consists of lawyers who have established an excellent track record in the top sector of Dutch and international law firms. We favour a sound and efficient approach, leading to practical, custom-made solutions. The team members have expert knowledge of and experience with all aspects of employment law. They furthermore have one or more specific specialist areas.

Current affairs

‘Work where you want’ act: adopted by The Dutch House of Representatives (Tweede Kamer)

13/07 2022
Author Renske van Herpen

The Dutch House of Representatives (Tweede Kamer) recently adopted the legislative proposal 'Work where you want’.
Under this Act, Dutch employers may no longer simply reject an employee's request for adjustment of the workplace; they must assess whether, in the light of the circumstances of the case, the employer's interests outweighs the employee's interests according to the criteria of reasonableness and fairness. The legislative proposal still has to go through the Dutch Senate (Eerste Kamer). Would you like to know more about (the amendments to) the Act? Read it in this post.

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L&A Course – ‘Fundamentals of Dutch employment Law’

11/11 2021
Author Merle van den Berg & Inge Arts

Do you work in a position in which you regularly have to deal with Dutch employment law and would you benefit from getting a better understanding of the fundamentals of Dutch law? Are you faced with questions such as: how many employment contracts can we offer an employee? How to manage a sick or underperforming employee? What are the settlement options and rules regarding severance payments?

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